Kanjo Také combines all artistic media and makes them to his own world. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, video, projections and the use of new media lead Také to a previously unseen outburst of imagination and new imageswith which he sees the world new and explains it at the same time.

                   "The artist's imagination, fed by experience, emotion, knowledge and aesthetic sensibility invents a new world in which people, landscapes, nature, city, artifacts, philosophy and history and a great knowledge of their historicity form a new visual alliance"

Dieter Ronte
Bonn in March 2019
Kanjo Také

When the realisation leaves
the invisible is there.

The Mountain and the World

Kanjo Také’s photo-painting cycle “Nowhere”

Kanjo Také was an extremely successful photographer for many years before he decided to devote himself to art and nothing but art. His latest cycle “Nowhere”, which is still in progress, already shows all the signs of greatness – a magnum opus of the artist’s mature years.

n these pictorial compositions, a precise richness of life merges with the utmost freedom of abstraction and a multifaceted vision of the world. Také’s visual memory emerges from the wellsprings of Japanese tradition, while his visual experience draws fully from the present day and the artist’s personal experience.

Prof. Dr. Schneckenburger, twice artistic director of documenta Kassel
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